Andriy Pyatov: I played five-a-side football during holidays

Being back from his vacation, Shakhtar goalkeeper spoke to reporters at a training session.

- The main thing is that we all gather together, be healthy and in good spirits. We will prepare for Schalke. We don’t have the full team yet – the rest will join us.

- Have you talked to the teammates yet?
- I saw some of them while being on vacation, plus I talked to the rest at lunch.

- Did the coach talk to the team? Did he set any objectives for the training camp?
- Not yet. When all come togehter, I think we will have a theory session. Mister will talk about our plans there. Currently we are here, in Kyiv, undergoing a medical examination, and then we are flying to the USA.

- What are your expectations ahead of the training in the United States?
- Hard to say: that’s a different country, different continent. We went to Brazil last year, we really liked it. This year we expect no worse experience... It is interesting to visit different places of the world.

- Have you previously been to the US?
- No, I haven’t. That’s my first time.

- Andriy, how did you keep in shape during your vacation?
- I played five-a-side with guys, I also played volleyball and badminton.

- Carlo Nicolini said that for each player he had developed a separate training programme for the holidays.
- Right, each of us had an individual programme. Now the coaches will be able to judge how well we did it.

- Did you meet Oleksandr Rybka while on vacation?
- Yes, we spent the holidays together.

- Mykyta Shevchenko is going on a training camp with you. Are you ready for the competition?
- Yes, I am always ready!