Marlos: It’s very cool in US

The midfielder has shared his first impressions regarding the training camp in America.

- Marlos, this is the second major tour, in which you participate with Shakhtar. Can you compare the first days of being in America to the past year's training camp in Brazil?
- Of course, I would prefer to be in Brazil, because it is my home! There are people to whom we are accustomed, where our culture and traditions are. As of now, it has been very cool in US. Based on the first two days, the people here are excellent! I like it here, and I'm glad that we travel all over the world.

- Is it your first visit to the United States?
- No, I've been to Miami and Washington.

- What do you make of the sports complex, where the Pitmen are staying at?
- This is a very unusual place. We are not accustomed to stay where a lot of other teams and many people are staying at. Yes, we have more than one person living in a room! But, I think it's good; in doing so, we learn to live in the company. 

- Is it hard during training sessions or after two or three days you already feel that you are getting in shape?
- At first, it is always a bit difficult, because for thirty days, our bodies have been relaxed, we have been on holiday. And now, the first few days are bringing little difficulties. But this will soon pass, within a few days we will be able to adapt to the training process.
- Does the time zone have any impact?
- Frankly speaking, it is almost imperceptible. The climate here is very similar to ours, Brazil’s: the beach is the same here. Plus the time difference with Brazil is only two hours, so I do not feel discomfort.