Oleksandr Gladkyy: This tournament is a big plus for the club

After the evening training session, Shakhtar’s forward has shared his first impressions of the training camp in the United States.

- Oleksandr, how have the team spent three days in the IMG Academy?
- In the morning we had a theory session. We analysed the match against PSG, which we held on December 8th. Mister pointed out our mistakes. We will also analyse the other matches that we played earlier. This is a very important part of the training.

- Have you watched Schalke’s game in the Florida Cup?
- No, I have not. But I know that they have lost 3-0 to Atletico Mineiro. I am sure we will watch this match when we will be making a detailed analysis of Schalke.
- How hard is it to go into the training process?
- Now it is easier! At first it was difficult getting used to it. All of us got an individual program me for holiday to keep in shape. But still, when you return from holidays, it is always hard during training sessions. The emphasis is on recovery of conditions on the treadmill. Of course, no player likes to run around, but we are well aware that now we are laying the foundation for the second part of the season. It is necessary to prepare very seriously because a lot of work is to be done: it is necessary to regain the league title and go as far as possible in the Europa League, thus making a gift to the fans for the 80th anniversary of the club.

- What do you expect from the match against Fluminense? What game do you expect? Are they at about the same level of preparation as Shakhtar?
- I know they have started their training camp a little earlier. But it is not important. For Shakhtar, the most important thing in these games is to prepare for the game with Schalke and for the spring part of the season, avoiding injuries. We have to show good football, prove ourselves well. Such a tournament is a big plus for the club, for our fans, as well as for the promotion of football and Shakhtar in the world.