Training camp in USA: Dentinho anticipates meeting with Corinthians

The US phase of Shakhtar’s winter camp is approaching its middle.

January 19th passed for the team under the sign of Dentinho and Corinthians. The relationship between them is obvious: that’s the home club of the Brazilian midfielder, so he really looks forward to the match Corinthians vs Shakhtar in the Florida Cup, which is scheduled for 20 January (in Ukraine it will be January 21. Finally, Dentinho marked his birthday on January 19!

The morning training started with birthday greetings, with kind words from the coaching staff and applause from the teammates - the Brazilian was genuinely touched and did not hide his emotions.

- I am very pleased! I heard so many good things addressed to me – both from the boys and coaches. This adds enthusiasm. Of course, every year my birthday coincides with the training campperiod and I cannot spend it with my family. But never mind, we will celebrate it with my family as soon as I come back home and Mister gives us a day off, - continues Dentinho. - As for tomorrow's match against Corinthians, I’ve been experiencing some unusual sensations. It's very interesting for me to meet with the players, the coaching staff, the club's president. They are all my good friends. Today is an important day for me, and tomorrow will be even more emotional. Because I'm going to play against one of the most popular teams in the world.

Schedule of the working day on January 19 was as follows: fitness training in the morning and mastering game combinations in the evening. We would also note that Azevedo and Eduardo followed individual training programme.

- At the morning session, we basically ran, jumped and did some hurdling. While after lunch we worked with the ball – says the striker Oleksandr Zubkov. – It’s my first time at such a serious, full-fledged training camp with the first team. Of course, the level is very different from the youth level: here they have a completely different speed, you have to think faster, take decisions. But I, in spite of the physical fatigue, am happy! I come from Makiyivka and just as every boy of Donbas I have dreamed to play football since childhood. And here I am, training with stars under the guidance of a very experienced coach. That's crazy emotions. Naturally, I will do my best to justify the confidence of Mircea Lucescu.

Watch more of how Shakhtar spent January 19 in the photo spread and the video below.