Corinthians vs Shakhtar: players’ views

Donetsk team players reflect on the game against the Brazilians.

Taison, Shakhtar midfielder:
- I want to congratulate all of our team! We played well, even being short-handed. Unfortunately, not everything worked out properly for us in the first half. We made the kind of mistakes we shouldn’t have made, because we practise such pieces in training. I am very happy that I managed to score against Brazil's number one team! There was an episode when I might grab a brace. Had the ball been under my left foot, I would have fired it home, but it just fell off my right foot, so I was a bit unlucky. In general, I'm upset because of the result, I liked the game though. We have shown our mettle.

Viktor Kovalenko, Shakhtar midfielder:
- Today's match was harder for me than the first Florida Cup game. Like it or not, Corinthians are the champions of Brazil. Personally, I found my joining in the game both hard and easy. On the one hand, it was an interesting clash as one always finds the necessary strength in it. But I couldn’t fully control my feet yet. I think as soon as we get a reduced workload, everything will be fine. Overall it was a good match, we played the second half better than the first one: of course, we really wanted to redeem ourselves at 1-3. We started running more, threatening it on the opposing half – such was our game plan after the halftime break. As for my goal, I am grateful to Darijo as he provided a great assist.

Taras Stepanenko, Shakhtar midfielder:
- Corinthians are the champions of Brazil, being a very technical and fast team. Unfortunately, we conceded three ridiculous goals. We ourselves caused the first two, with the third being my fault. All this has led to the fact that in the second half we had to try to reduce the deficit. After the break, we performed better: we netted one and had four great chances. We showed our grit and attacked with ten men. It is noticeable that the team are gaining momentum! We are just on the way to our best form, but today it was clear that even with ten men we were superior to the opponents pace wise. We are happy with our performance, but unhappy with the result. God grant that the mistakes we made remain just in friendlies, and not in competitive games.