Hacken vs Shakhtar: players’ view

The Pitmen have reflected on the friendly with the Swedes.

Oleksandr Gladkyy, Shakhtar forward:

- This was a good game, but we failed to do everything that had been planned. We created a lot of chances. In general, we won deservedly. This result gives confidence for the future work. I am glad to have scored. Darijo made an excellent through pass, I darted into a free zone, picked up the ball, saw that the goalkeeper rushed out of goal and took advantage of it. I can say that Hacken are a good team of average level, similar to Malmo, whom we have faced in the Champions League. Therefore, the Swedes did not surprise us. And the fact that today there were a lot of substitutions is quite normal for the training camp. Mister said before the game that he would give everyone an opportunity to prove themselves.

Oleksandr Kucher, Shakhtar defender:

- Today was a good match. Mister gave almost everyone an opportunity to play. We controlled the match and scored goals after good combinations. However, the field was not in the best condition, but it is not important. As for the opponents, the Swedes are also holding a training camp. We just have different periods of preparation, everyone has their own coach, approaches, training sessions. Today we looked better than Hacken, and we achieved a well-deserved victory, though conceded one goal. Perhaps, we do not yet have streamlined teamwork that we would like to see here, and there are minor misunderstandings. But at the same time our boys scored good goals: Oleksandr, Facundo. And the main thing is that we have won.

Facundo Ferreyra, Shakhtar forward:

- Hacken are a good team with quality players. In the first half they played at a very decent level. But the outcome of the match is not the most important aspect for us. The main thing is practice and to avoid injuries. During the pre-season it is important to keep playing conditions. Today, Mister gave an opportunity for all players to take part in the match: it allows to try different combinations of players, to assess the level of young footballers. Plus it has a positive effect on the competition for a first-team place. I am glad to have scored: Dentinho played the ball, then I got a pass before playing the ball towards the centre. Marlos made a run with the ball before passing the ball for me to apply a simple finish.