Boca Raton vs Shakhtar: players’ view

After the victory over the US side, the Pitmen have shared their views on the friendly game.

Ivan Ordets, Shakhtar’s defender:

- Mister said before the game: "Go into the game, as if you are losing 0-3." If we had not motivated ourselves, we would not have scored so many goals! Perhaps, in the first minutes we were concentrated enough. We conceded a goal, but then we quickly netted an equaliser. In the second half, I think, we played very well, scoring a lot of beautiful goals. I have also managed to score my first goal for Shakhtar. It’s very nice. Now I hope to continue scoring in official matches. Today, the game featured young players. Mister allows everyone to play for all of us to be in good shape. The coach makes changes, someone may play on the right, some on the left and so on. I would like to thank Mister for his trust!

Andriy Boryachuk, Shakhtar’s forward:

- Today I got a great chance to prove myself, so I was very motivated and determined going into this match. We did not know what to expect from the opponents, but now, when the game is over, I can say that these guys have shown a good level. As for my goal assist for Arabidze, Viktor Kovalenko just made a great through pass!