Fort Lauderdale Strikers vs Shakhtar: players’ view

The Pitmen have reflected on the match with the US side.

Marlos, Shakhtar midfielder:

- Fort Lauderdale Strikers are a young team, which feature a lot of Brazilians, whose priority is technique. I would note that today the opponents put on a fine performance. Before each match, Mister reminds us that we are a great team and should not make mistakes. We are professionals. But the American part of the training camp is coming to an end, and fatigue is taking its toll. So maybe in this game, we looked a little slow. Speaking about my goal, I must confess: I really like to put pressure on the goalkeeper. And, if I succeed, I score. I am glad that today that was what happened.

Ismaily, Shakhtar defender:

- We controlled the game, but the field was difficult. Despite this we managed to score one goal, and could have netted second goal. We played four games in a row under heavy load. Of course, there were mistakes, but correcting errors is what training camp is for. It was felt that today’s opponents are stronger yesterday’s, the team are more professional. On the whole, we are satisfied with the game.

Oleksandr Zubkov, Shakhtar forward:

- Our opponents showed a quality game. This is a team of good level, who promote physical football. It's nice that Mister trusts me a place in the starting line-up! Although I still have to work to become the first team-player. I need to improve interaction with partners and catch up in terms of the game understanding. I'll work on it as much as possible.