Taison: We believe in ourselves and the coach

Thursday, July 21, 2016



The Pitmen's number 28 gave an interview on the eve of the league start

- Taison, what have the team been focusing on during the week after Super Cup, and how did they prepare for the match against Zirka?
- As always, we have been training intensively, continuing our usual work. The Ukrainian Premier League is about to start, and it's important to start with a win. Frankly, I don't know much about Zirka, but today we will watch their matches. The most important thing is to win and earn three points.

- Chances are, that Zirka, like most teams in the local tournaments, will play very closed football. It is never easy when the opponents are playing on the counters...
- It's true, and that's why all the matches will be difficult for us. The teams close up and wait for an opportunity to counterattack. We must be very careful not to concede a goal, because then it will be extremely hard. We believe in ourselves, in our work and the coach. We are waiting for tomorrow's match to prove that we can win.

- You have never played against ZIrka. What surprises can we expect from them?
- First of all, we need to concentrate from the very beginning of the game. In the first ten minutes we will get a feel of the new rivals. We are the home team in this game, so we need to control the rhythm of the game. It is important to dominate the field, especially now at the beginning of the league.

- In a match against Dynamo you played as a striker. How does it feel?
- It is a little unusual for me. In 2009 I actually played as a striker in Inter, so it's a matter of habit. I hope that our team will have a great season as well as I in this position.

- After Zirka you have a game with Young Boys in the Champions League qualification. Can the team consider tomorrow's match a preparation for Young Boys?
- This is a completely different tournament. We are preparing for a match at a time, so we will think about the Champions League after Friday.