Kryventsov: we strive to win

Sunday, July 31, 2016



Today, July 31, Shakhtar captain and midfielder of the 90s and the current Shakhtar U21 head coach Valeriy Kryventsov marks his 43rd birthday

We extend our greetings to the birthday boy, wishing him sound health, prosperity and every success in his career.

- Valeriy, above all, happy birthday to you! What do you make of the start of the season for the team?
- It's nice that we have started the league season with two wins. Considering that we had only one month to bring the principles of the game through to the team, we tried in the shortest time to explain our requirements to the boys. I think we succeeded at many things, but some elements of the game, of course, still need improvement. The players’ individual skill leaves much to be desired. We will work in this direction to improve their individual qualities and technique. It is also very important for every player to think about the team result in a particular game situation.

- Last year, you worked with Illichivets. Could you assess the level of the First League and that of the reserve teams league?
- The difference is that the First League features the adult players, with many teams having players with great Premier League experience. The U21 Championship features the young, promising guys who want to achieve a lot in football. Therefore, the performance quality, and the tension in the First League are bigger, given the similar level of participants. But the U21 League is a chance for all the players under 21 to prove themselves and achieve something in senior football.

- What would you like to achieve as a coach?
- Just like any coach, I strive to win – in each individual game and in every tournament as a whole. We do not separate our objectives. We said to our players: it is necessary to demonstrate the good quality of football, which will allow you to fulfil your best qualities and at the same time achieve the best results. Those are two related factors. If the players get stronger, the team performance also improves. And, of course, if the players progress, it means that the coaches work in the right direction.