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Cardoso: I feel Fonseca’s complete trust

Wednesday, June 8, 2016



Assistant head coach of Shakhtar reflects on his appointment as the Pitmen’s coaching staff member

– Miguel, now you’re in Paulo Fonseca’s coach team. What can you tell about your assignment to this position? 
– First of all, I would like to welcome the new head coach and wish him a future full of successes in Shakhtar! Regarding my assignment to first team assistant coach I can say that despite the incredible 3 years I passed in Academy and as coach of U21 team, in this moment I feel very good emotions and great feelings because I´m back to the highest level of football and in the club that I learned to love! I´m very thankful to the President and our CEO for the personal trust and to let me have the chance to be back on man´s football where I was so many years before coming to Shakhtar. I feel a very positive responsibility in this moment, also because I feel the complete trust of Paulo on me.

– What will be your duties on new position?
– It´s natural that I will have important role to introduce Paulo to the details of Ukrainian football and help the coaching staff to get acquainted as quick as possible to the club, the players and the country. Regarding daily work you will easily understand the leadership of the coach and the individual roles that he established for everybody. It´s clear, defined and we´re already working all together, and for sure we´ll create a very strong coaching staff in order to face the important challenges that we have in front of us! I´ll be on the side of the coach helping him on anything he needs and therefore supporting his coaching activity. It will also be important to make a proper connection with U21 team and this task will be mainly done by me, due to my past activity in the club, and the specific knowledge of the young players. 

– Do you know Paulo Fonseca well? Can you give a characteristic to other coach team members?
I know already enough Paulo to know his character, personality and coaching skills! He is a very good coach that is making a very sustained career throughout the years, and naturally his good work guided him to such big club as ours. He is a very good person as human being despite naturally being strict regarding his and the others duties on the training process. He is quite complete and has with him a very good group of specialists capable to help him on the different tasks that a coaching staff has to organize from the preparation of training sessions, to match analysis, goalkeeper’s specific preparation and others. It´s very interesting to understand how well they relate with each other and how harmoniously they work together, with obvious benefit for the clubs where they work. Where they passed they left very good feelings on people and great connection with the club’s management.

– What are the plans of the team for a preseason? With what will you start working?
– I think that this is a question that Paulo will have the chance to properly explain by himself but naturally there will be different natural moments on this process. One thing I´m sure is that we´ll very quickly establish proper methodological and emotional connection with the group in order to profit as much as possible from every opportunity of work we´ll have.

– You’ve worked in “Shakhtar” Academy for four years; you know well all young players. Should we wait for players of Academy in the first team?
It´s important to understand that the main work done in the last 3 years by us on U21 team had to do with the seek of the development of our young players regarding their entrance on 1st team. We saw 4 players achieving this objective in one single season - Matvienko, Korobenko, Boryachuk and Zubkov, and naturally we feel that all the effort was worthy! Before Kovalenko, also player that entered 1st team coming from U21 team, Rakitskiy had been the last one promoted from academy direct to 1st team, and that happened 7 years ago! We all in the club should be incredibly satisfied! With these players we need to continue to work, to provide them the proper development environment so that they can gradually find their space among the older ones, keep on growing, and expect that in the future good things can happen! I have privileged relation with the youngsters but that means that they have to expect more and more hard work because the responsability on them is also mine! I hope that all ex-academy players and the ones that still are there, understand the values and message that I tried to pass to them during the period of time we worked together! “Hard work”, “self discipline”, “will to develop” and “capacity to keep proper focus” are vital! If they understand, work and live according to these, their steps to higher level of football will naturally be given, here or in other clubs. It´s a matter of time! What we´ll do for sure all along the season is pay strong attention to the young players performance specially on U19 and U21 teams, and also follow the players we´ll have on lone in other teams in Ukraine and other countries. From these, the ones that might be able to show performance according to the expected level will naturally have proper moment to be evaluated according to the instructions of the head coach.