Vasyl Sachko: Shakhtar players are faster and more mobile

Press conference of Vorskla head coach after the first match with Shakhtar in the last 8 of the Ukrainian Cup.

- Today we played against a good team. There is no need to introduce Shakhtar. The Pitmen are going into the league campaign championship after two strong matches. Our readiness is a little different. Gromov, Shynder, Bogush are today considered the key players of Vorskla. We missed them on the field. Shynder, for obvious reasons, did not play in the match, and Gromov missed the game due to suspension. We tried to build our game from the back. An early goal broke us. Of course, the players of Shakhtar are faster and more mobile. This was evident. Therefore, the Pitmen deservedly won, and we are congratulating them on that. I am not satisfied with the actions from a number of players. We had agreed that it was necessary to play more boldly, to challenge for the ball, even though it is Shakhtar. It is hard to play against such players as, for example, Taison and others. Nothing can be done; we need to take everything as it is and draw conclusions. In Lviv, it will be a completely different game in a different format. We will put up a fight. I am speaking about the championship.

- How would you assess today’s game by Dmytro Khlyobas?
- He did well. It’s bad he joined us at the training camp late. He arrived for the final stage in Turkey. I would like to see his best physical conditions. He is a talented and capable guy. He holds the ball up well. We hope and expect more from him.

- Could you comment on red card to Dityatev and his behaviour?
- He will be very severely punished. He cannot let the team down in any match, especially against Shakhtar. I am very upset and disappointed with Olexiy’s actions. I understand that this is football, emotions. But any player of Vorskla has no right to behave in such a manner. He will be punished for it.