Vorskla vs Shakhtar: player comments

Players of the Donetsk team have reflected on the victory in Poltava.

Oleksandr Kucher, Shakhtar defender:

- For Vorskla it was the first official match, and we had already played two games of a higher level than in the Ukrainian championship. It is clear that it was not easy for the opponents, especially since we scored an early goal and they had to open up. But Vorskla are a good team. Four days later, we will play with them again. I think that game won’t be like this one... As for my goal, it was a set piece situation that we practise in training, and I managed to finish off that long combination. Defenders score rarely, but at the right time!

Vyacheslav Shevchuk, Shakhtar defender:

- Vorskla cannot be called a weak opponent. This is a team with character, today they showed that too. Even after being reduced to ten men and trailing 0-4, Vorskla did not give up and tried to put pressure and organise counterattacks – they worked until the end in every episode, especially since that they were playing at home. There was a fight was on the field for 90 minutes. But at the same time we performed well, confidently controlling the game, creating a lot of chances and scoring. We also need to play well in the upcoming match with Vorskla in the championship. In today’s game, we had some changes. There is high competition within our team, so it's okay. I would also like to single out young players. At Shakhtar, there have always been promising young footballers. They must continue to work and prove their worth. Everything is in their hands. We were young too and went through all of that, and now it is their turn. Mister trusts them.

Wellington Nem, Shakhtar midfielder:

- For three years, I have been giving my best in training, I am trying to show that I deserve to play. I am glad that Mister appreciates that. Today, I played in a familiar position. I played well with Maksym Malyshev. I am happy that I have managed to score after a good counter-attack, which also involved Taison. I dedicated the goal to my wife and our future child. We will have a son, his name will be Miguel.