U21. Shakhtar vs Vorskla: player comments

Players of the Donetsk team have reflected on the match with Poltava.

Artem Gabelok, Shakhtar U21 midfielder:

- I cannot say that I was the hero of the match. We agreed before the game that I would take a penalty. When the second penalty kick was awarded, I stepped to take it again. If Andriy Boryachuk, for example, had asked to take it, I would not have minded. In fact, the goals from the penalty spot did not come easy, because the goalkeeper did not move until the end and on both occasions he guessed the direction of shots. As for the game: we played well the entire first half; the Poltava side virtually had no chances. But after the break, they dramatically changed their tactics, and we were a little confused, conceded a goal. Honestly, I we not expect to be under such pressing from Vorskla and could not regroup. This is a lesson for us, of course, in the future games we will be better prepared for such situations on the field.

Taras Kacharaba, Shakhtar U21 defender:

- Before the match we had a good analysis of the Vorskla game. It was clear that the main burden would be on the central zone, where the opponents always deliver balls to a tall striker. In the first half,  everything worked out for us, and after the break we took to the pitch with the same attitude, but the Poltava team created problems for us. There was our error when we conceded a goal, but the main thing is that we won today. We must forget this game and prepare well for the next one, because the opponents will also be very serious – Dnipro on the road. The fact of Dnipro losing Dynamo (0:3), says nothing, especially as all the goals were scored in the last half hour.

Mykyta Adamenko, Shakhtar U21 midfielder:

- I think, we got a well-deserved victory, because we outplayed Vorskla in many components. The match, however, was difficult, and it was not easy to enter the game from the bench. I was given the task to be active in front, support the attack as much as possible, because during that time Vorskla were pressing us, closed us down in every area of the field. But the team managed to cope with the pressure. As for the penalty, there was a clear foul on me: I was going for the ball, with the opponent simply hanging on me and bringing dow. Artem Gabelok copes well with the role of a penalty taker. I am glad that I contributed to the victory! And in the next game against Dnipro we will make every effort to take all three points.