Vasyl Sachko: We don’t challenge for ​​Shakhtar place

Head coach of Vorskla has commented on the game with the Pitmen, with answering questions from the media.

- Of course, we were playing against a very good team, and there is no point in comparing Shakhtar and Vorskla - we do not challenge for Shakhtar place. We understand, and everybody knows that Shakhtar are stronger than we are. However, this game was very different from that in Poltava in the Cup. This time we created enough chances. I was told that the Pitmen took just three shots on target and scored three times. This indicates Shakhtar’s high conversion rate. We could have played better in some episodes but lacked skilfulness, concentration. But there were still a lot of advantages: the team acted more boldly, went forward. We conceded two goals from set plays. The third goal is the consequence, because the guys were trying to get back into the game; they were going forward and creating chances, but we were caught on the counterattack. Nothing terrible has happened. Perhaps it is good that the first game of the year was against Shakhtar, we gained experience. The level of the Donetsk team at this stage is higher because they had two very serious matches in European competitions. I can say only good words about the Donetsk team: I wish the Pitmen luck and success in the Europa League! And we'll move on.

- It is clear that the match in Poltava and here are two different games. Why have your team improved so much after three days? What did you say to the players before the game?
- Firstly, in Poltava it was the first spring game for us. And secondly, as I have said, Shakhtar played two super games with Schalke. Whatever we said to the guys, no matter how we prepared for the cup meeting, but some nervousness was present. Today everything was different: we discussed the defeat, made adjustments and made squad changes. Therefore, in some episodes, Vorskla looked good in Lviv. If so guys treat every game the same, everything will be good for us.

- We see Vorskla restructuring  schemes of their play. New attacking players have been signed: Kolomoets, Dmytro Khlyobas. How would you assess their actions and their understanding with the rest of the players?
- These guys have joined the team, but they still need some time to gel with other team-mates and feel their strengths. Kolomoets held the entire training camp with us, whereas Dmytro Khlyobas joined us only at the last stage. Of course, he is a talented guy showing exciting football. They put on a good game, but we are still not happy with the result, so I won’t praise them much. Although our combinations and chances  were also the result of individual actions from Dmytro Khlyobas and Kolomoets. This led to dangerous situations, and we scored a goal. It is unfortunate that we have not score second or third goal. But life goes on, we have to be realistic and prepare for the next games.