Maksim Malyshev: Anderlecht move quickly from defenсe to attack

Shakhtar’s midfielder has reflected on the upcoming match in the Europa League.

- We start preparing for the game against the Belgium side. We will study Anderlecht in the coming days. We will analyse everything thoroughly, with Mister pointing out strengths and weaknesses of their team. We are gearing up for this team in a very serious and responsible fashion. Our opponents eliminated Olympiacos. That says a lot.

- Will the game with the Belgian team be tougher than against Schalke?
- It is difficult to say now. I think that matches with Anderlecht will be similar to those that were with the German team. It won’t be an easy game. Everything depends on us and our game. The Belgian league is similar to the Ukrainian. Accordingly, Anderlecht can be compared with the top three teams in our league.

- Is it more difficult with top clubs, who are always in the spotlight and whose game is more known, or is it tougher to play against less eminent opponents such as Anderlecht?
- I go into each match with the same responsibility, trying to show maximum on the field. But, of course, it is easier to analyse the game of famous clubs. In this case, we know in advance what to expect from a given player. In this regard, it will be more difficult for us with Anderlecht, because we have not faced them earlier. I know that our opponents are counting on young talented players. They develop them, and then, when a good offer arrives, they sell them to top clubs. You know the squad of the Belgian national team. There are many top players: De Bruyne, Courtois, Kompany, Lukaku, Hazard.

- Have you discussed with Ruslan Malinowski, what to expect from Anderlecht? He now sees the Belgian football inside.
- Yes, I talked to him after the draw. He said it was a well-organised team. Anderlecht conduct rapid counterattacks and make quick transitions from defence.

- Due to the disqualification of Taras Stepanenko, will you bear double responsibility in the midfield?
- I feel more confident with every game. And if Mr trusts me a place in the line-up, I will give my best. Of course, we are counting on the support from our crowd! Well, today, I take this opportunity to greet all the charming female fans of Shakhtar on the Women’s Day. I wish them sound health, peace and prosperity.