Andriy Pyatov – the best in February!

Shakhtar’s official website unveils Shakhtar’s best player in January.

Traditionally, 10 former Shakhtar players, the same number of representatives of the media and visitors of the official site picked the best player. For every vote from former players and journalists, a player receives 1 point, for third place in the poll on the site - 2 points, for the second and first - 3 and 5, respectively. Below are the results of voting in each group.

Shakhtar former players

Serhiy Atelkin - Andriy Pyatov
Oleksandr Babiy - Viktor Kovalenko
Yuriy Virt - Andriy Pyatov
Yuri Degterev - Marlos
Igor Dybchenko - Viktor Kovalenko
Yuriy Dudinskiy - Viktor Kovalenko
Gennadiy Zubov - Viktor Kovalenko
Serhiy Kravchenko - Andriy Pyatov
Igor Leonov - Andriy Pyatov
Valeriy Rudakov - Viktor Kovalenko

Viktor Kovalenko - 5 points
Andriy Pyatov - 4 points
Marlos - 1 point

As for the visitors of the site, 1,292 fans took part in the poll. Taison finished third with 102 (7,89%) votes. This result gives 2 points to the overall ranking. 452 (34,98%) football fans picked Viktor Kovalenko – 3 points. Andriy Pyatov came first, receiving 466 (36,07%)votes, and it brings 5 points for the Pitmen’s goalkeeper.

Shakhtar’s best player in February?
Andriy Pyatov – 466 (36,07%)
Viktor Kovalenko – 452 (34,98%)
Тaison – 102 (7,89%)
Total votes: 1,292


Valentin Tsimokh, Sport-Express in Ukraine, correspondent – Marlos
Kostyantyn Dultsev, National Radio Company of Ukraine, observer – Marlos
Roman Klimenko, Football magazine, correspondent – Andriy Pyatov
Oleksandr Gaponenko,, editor – Andriy Pyatov
Andriy Peti, Terrikon, project manager – Viktor Kovalenko
Julia Mamoylenko, Komsomolskaya Pravda in Ukraine, the editor of the sports department – Andriy Pyatov
Vyacheslav Kulchitskiy, Sport-Express in Ukraine, correspondent – Viktor Kovalenko
Igor Yaslik, Football magazine – Viktor Kovalenko
Andriy Malinovskiy, Football channel, commentator – Andriy Pyatov
Serhiy Kolos, Sport-Arena, – Taison

Аndriy Pyatov – 4 points
Viktor Kovalenko – 3 points
Marlos – 2 points
Тaison – 1 point

So, total results of votes from former players, fans and journalists:

Andriy Pyatov – 13 points
Viktor Kovalenko – 11 points
Marlos – 3 points
Тaison – 3 points

Аndriy Pyatov has won with a 2-point margin. Congratulations!