Viktor Kovalenko: I feel Mister's trust

At the pre-match press conference, Shakhtar’s midfielder has answered journalists’ questions.

- Viktor, for you personally, Anderlecht are no strangers, because in the last year you faced them in the UEFA Youth League and scored two goals. Now four Belgian players from that squad are part of the opponents’ Europa League squad. What are your expectations from the upcoming match?
- Yet these are different tournaments: youth and senior. Therefore, the game will be completely different.

- Yesterday your team-mate in the midfield Maksym Malyshev said that matches with Anderlecht would be very similar to the games with Schalke. Based on this logic, will you not get frustrated if tomorrow sees a goalless draw?
- The main task in the first home game is to play well in defence and take advantage of our chances. I think no one will be upset if Shakhtar keep a clean sheet tomorrow.

- Taras Stepanenko misses the first leg through suspension. Are you ready to replace him directly in the holding midfield zone and how is his position comfortable for you?
- For me, this position is familiar, I have played as a holder both for the reserve side and have also played a couple of matches in that role for the senior team. So I will do my best to replace Taras, if necessary.

- How have the team reacted to the results of the draw – Anderlecht?
- At this stage, there are no weak teams. All opponents are the same, chances are 50 to 50.

- In the first match with Schalke you did not look very confident, and in the second one you were one of the best on the field. How confident do you feel and what can you say about the head coach’s trust?
- I would say that I am gaining confidence and experience with each game. I always feel Mister’s trust!