Myron Markevych: Shakhtar spent much energy in the match with Belgian side

Head coach of Dnipro has answered questions from the media at the post-match press conference.

- Myron Bogdanovich, it turns out that you know secrets about how to play against Shakhtar, don’t you?
- What secrets? In football there are no secrets; everything has been discovered! When there is a team morale, desire and spirit on the field, when there is a team, you can beat any opponent. Today, that's what happened. The team wanted to win, and they did that.

- From the first minutes, you were pressing the opponent high up the pitch, with playing in a fast manner. Was that your instructions based on the fact that the Pitmen has not had time to recover from the Anderlecht game?
- Of course, I went to watch Shakhtar with Anderlecht on purpose. Indeed, the Pitmen spent a lot of energy, although the game with the Belgian side, at least judging by the scoreline, was an easy one, by and large. But they still put in much effort. That's why we prepared the team to change the game on the counter and apply high pressing. Today players have fully complied with the instructions.

- Can we expect that Zorya will become the same stimulus for Dnipro as Shakhtar?
- I hope so. I can only hope for it to happen!

- What could you say about Nazarenko’s condition and can he significantly help the team?
- I have signed for a reason. He is an experienced player and I am sure that he will help us. During the five minutes that he played he took part in setting up the fourth goal. He works hard. I think in the future we will give him more match practise.

- You were barely present at the touchline today compared to the game with Stal. Why?
- What’s the point in doing so, if the team are playing well! The team does everything right on the field, and I sit calmly. When something doesn’t work out, then I can get up. In the Stal game, it could have been 0-2 in the first minute, so I had to get up.