Frank Acheampong: We are in a difficult situation

Anderlecht midfielder talks about the upcoming game vs Shakhtar.

- Frank, the team have little chance of making it further in the Europa League. How do you feel in this regard?
- I feel good! This is not the first time, so it's OK.

- You score easily. Your mentor says that you have changed the style of play. What exactly has changed?
- I do what I must do. Nothing has changed, there is no difference. I trust my senses and do my job for the team’s benefit.

- It seems that you are sad. Is everything fine?
- No, I feel good, everything is fine.

- In the last match against Shakhtar, you scored a goal. What will happen tomorrow?
- We find ourselves in a difficult situation at the moment. We need to do everything possible to play better. That’s not the end yet.

- Do you feel the special responsibility for the team results?
- No, it does not depend on me alone. We work together, we are one team.