Maksym Malyshev: We must advance further

The Pitmen’s midfielder has taken part in a press conference on the eve of the return leg in the UEFA Europa League last 16.

- Maksym, your friend Malinovskiy is playing in Belgium. Have you phoned him up? Has he said anything about the opponents?
- Yes, I spoke to him. We discussed the game with Anderlecht. We already have one match under our belt, so now we know what to expect from this team, even without his tips.

- Stepanenko will be available for Shakhtar in this game. Does this mean that you will have a more creative role? Or will the team operate with two holders?
- It’s good that Taras will take part in the second leg. Mister will tell us how to play: who will perform a creative role and who will be more focused on defence.

- Taking into account the first leg, who is the opposition most dangerous player?
- Anderlecht are a very good team, who play well collectively. I would single out Ashampong on the left, Defour in midfield, Okaka in the attacking third. We are very gearing up for the game in a serious manner, it is important to advance further.

- Surely you have been analysing errors after the match in Ukraine, despite the result. What was the main component in the Shakhtar game?
- It was one match, and tomorrow will be a very different game. We sorted out everything inside our team. Tomorrow we must show the game that will be at least as good as that in Lviv. We will abide by our principles of the game: ball control and the use of counter-attacks. It is important to go into this meeting focused, achieve a positive result, advance further.

- You're playing consistently, scoring the goal against Dnipro. Do you feel more confident?
- With each match, of course, I feel more confident. I would like to thank Mister for trust. I do my best to help the team win.

- You have a difficult schedule. The team play two games per week, and you play too. Is it difficult to adjust to a new schedule for you? Do you feel fatigue?
- I feel very good. On the contrary, it is good that we play a lot of games, we are constantly in shape. The coaching staff always keeps us in the optimal conditions. We have time to recover.

- Will you take to the pitch tomorrow with a 3-1 result in the back of your mind? Or will you play as if it is 0-0?
- The game will start with the zeros on the scoreboard. It is important to be disciplined, to cover for each other as in the first match. We must advance further.