Anderlecht vs Shakhtar: player views

Players of Donetsk team have reflected on the second leg with Anderlecht.

Eduardo, Shakhtar forward:

- The fact that I have managed to score is down to luck. As you could see, it happened in the last seconds of the match. We would have made it to the next stage without that goal anyway, but it was cool to net a goal in the end of the game. From the starting whistle it was clear that this game would not be easy. It can be said that the match lasted 180 minutes - any mistake could change everything. Let’s not forget that this is Europa League, where excellent teams participate in. I think today we played well and showed a good result. Making it to the last 8 is a great achievement. At this stage, there are no favourites. All opponents are strong enough, it does not matter whom we will face. Now we should do not think about the semi-finals or the final of the tournament, we need to make step by step and play a in serious, decent manner, with concentration on each team.

Andriy Pyatov, Shakhtar goalkeeper:

- Anderlecht had to level things up, and we were trying to spring counterattacks. But the opponents studied us well too. Today, there were virtually no shots at our goal: the guys worked hard, coped with all crosses and passes. I would like to thank them for that! The match saw a lot of individual battles, the players used their elbows, so the referee awarded fair yellow cards. Kucher’s red card? In the first episode there was a clear yellow card, whereas in the second one it was not so evident... But nevermind! Both Ordets and Kryvtsov have participated in some previous matches - the guys will be able to adequately replace Oleksandr. On Friday a draw for the quarter-finals will take place, but I have not seen our potential opponents yet. We will play against anyone!

Taras Stepanenko, Shakhtar midfielder:

- Anderlecht have not surprised us with anything today. They tried to score a goal with the help of crosses, set pieces. It did not work, and we seized on our chance. The opponents were showing a rough game. European football is tough, aggressive. In the first half we conceded after a violation of the rules. It was a clear foul, the player pushed Ferreyra so clearly that the referee could see it all. Now the Europa League favourites are Borussia Dortmund and Liverpool. The rest of the teams are about the same level. Hopefully, we will not face favourites.

Maksym Malyshev, Shakhtar midfielder:

- We knew that it would be a difficult match, with the opponents pressing and engaging in individual duels. In Lviv we won 3-1, so it was important not to concede. We played in disciplined manner in defence, covering for each other properly. The referee did not react to some episodes – Okaka was constantly using his hands. But anyway, those were game episodes. Our goal is to win every game, we try to show our maximum. Of course, we want to go as far as possible in the Europa League. We will try very hard.