Sergei Palkin: Braga are very serious and strong team

The CEO of Shakhtar commented on the UEFA Europa League last 8 draw in his interview to Futbol 1.

- It’s good that we didn’t get Liverpool or Borussia Dortmund. Generally speaking, at this stage, all the opponents are strong enough. In confirmation of this, Braga yesterday beat Fenerbahce 4-1. Presently, they are a very serious and strong team.
- Do you have a word with anyone from the team, in particular with Mircea Lucescu?
- We haven’t had time for that yet. We literally just got out of the room. We are going to talk now.
- Analyzing the performance of Shakhtar in European competitions, we agree that the mere advancement to the Europa League quarterfinals in the conditions, in which the country in general and Shakhtar in particular have found themselves, is a great success on its own. What do you make of the ambitions regarding the semi-finals?
- You know, our ambition has always been the biggest. Our objective is reaching the final and winning it. Today, we are doing our best for that, making every effort. Hopefully, lady luck will be on our side.
- That is, there’s no reason to believe that Shakhtar can rest on the laurels, having reached the quarter-finals? Will the team give their all to make it past Braga, do they have every chance of doing so?
- Of course, they do. Especially in such a difficult time, when our fans need a breath of fresh air. It is important to show that, in fact, there is light at the end of the tunnel. We play for them. And we want everything to be fine in our country, so that peace is restored again, with our team getting back to Donetsk.