Tomislav Rogic: Psychology is very important in football

Today, 22 March, Shakhtar goalkeeping coach Tomislav Rogic marks his birthday. We are sending our best wishes to the birthday boy and asking him a few questions on the occasion.

- Happy Birthday, Tomislav! You have been working at Shakhtar for a relatively short period – just two years. But this is enough to have a certain set of experiences and emotions. How was Shakhtar changing from the moment of your arrival at the club to this day?
- Thanks for the greetings. When I joined Shakhtar, we resided in Donetsk, where virtually everyone supports us. We had our own training facility. We played at the best and most beautiful stadium in the world! I haven’t been to the world’s every arena, but in Europe, believe me, I have seen lots of them, so I know what I compare it with. We are based in Kyiv now, playing in Lviv. Here, many people are rooting for us either, but it's still not Donetsk... Inwardly though, the team haven’t changed at all. We are one whole, difficulties have put us together even more. I have good relations both with Mister, the coaching staff and the players, as well as with all the club staff members. And, of course, with my charges – the goalkeepers. I hope that's mutual.

- You are part of the coaching staff of the team, you know the system from within. Is there anything that you have discovered for yourself while working at Shakhtar?
- Of course! Mister has really taught me a lot and still continues to teach me. Now I'm not just talking about the sports component and the game. Psychology is very important in football. Mircea Lucescu pays a lot of attention to this aspect. And I am trying to learn from his experience.

- What was your most striking encounter for the moment?
- Probably, our meetings with Bayern Munich. We had a very good first game, tying 0-0. Back then I saw that we could move mountains as we have the potential for that! Bayern are a strong team and Guardiola is certainly an excellent former player and a great coach. In spite of that, I felt that we were able to make it past them. But in Munich lady luck turned her back on us... Besides, I would note, in terms of the strongest emotions, our recent meeting between Shakhtar and Dynamo, when we won 3-0 in Kyiv. Very good match, which left great impressions!