Vyacheslav Shevchuk: We’ll try to turn in our best performance

The ddefender of Shakhtar and Ukraine national team talks about preparation for the friendlies against Cyprus and Wales.
- Vyacheslav, tell us about the training camp’s opening days. What’s your training mode?
- This Monday, we gathered together, held our first training session after a long break. On Tuesday morning, we had a theory session, and a training session on the pitch in the afternoon.

- What are the team’s current objectives, what do the coaches draw your attention to?
- Preparation for the European Championships is underway. After this training camp, we won’t have any games for a month and a half, with us gathering together again just in May. So we are having a very important stage at the moment. It is good that we have those two games. They will allow us to check our current form.

- Are you taking a closer look at your EURO 2016 group stage opponents?
- By and large, we perfectly know Germany and Poland, as we have played them previously. Northern Ireland are new opponents for us, but we know that they are a combative team. At the moment, all the teams are well exposed, so it's hard to hide any information. As we approach the EURO 2016, we will study the opponents more thoroughly when preparing for the games.
- By the way, Mykhailo Fomenko believes that the style of Wales is somewhat similar to that of the Northern Ireland.
- Wales demonstrate physical football, just as Northern Ireland do. Therefore it’s very good that we will play a friendly game against such opponents. The Cypriots practise more technical football. The game practice is vital for us now. Again, we have gathered after a long break, so we will play two games, thus maintaining our game rhythm.

- The national team of Ukraine will not have the optimum team squad for the upcoming matches. Won’t the personnel losses interfere with fulfilling your objectives?
- I don’t think so. Of course, I want everyone to be healthy. But that’s all right. The main thing is that the players recover in time for the European Championships. We are waiting for the fans in the stadium – both in Odesa and in Kyiv. We will try to turn in our best performance.