Yuriy Dudinskiy marks his 65th birthday

Today, March 27, the legendary Shakhtar midfielder of the 1970s and the current coordinator of Shakhtar Academy marks his birthday. Yuriy Dudinskiy turns 65! We have phoned up the hero of the day to wish him sound health, peace and prosperity.

- Thank you so much for the birthday greetings! The age, of course, is solid, although I feel younger. Nothing seems to have changed significantly: everything is just as it was 10 and 20 years ago. Only the war leaves its mark.

- You have dedicated your entire professional career to Shakhtar, having been working at the club’s Academy for many years now. What are your current duties?
- I'm in Donetsk at the moment, my work covers Shakhtar Academy children’s teams aged 6 to 14. I also oversee the work of the Academy branches which continue to operate. We work in line with the same programme as we did previously. Of course, the war has scattered many of our boys across different places. But at the same time, the teams have been joined by the boys aged seven to ten – they are very quick learners! They attend training sessions with great desire, exercising with pleasure, their parents are happy. Little has changed in this respect.

- Yuriy Konstantinovich, you are just 15 years younger than Shakhtar. What would you like to wish your home club?
- We are still waiting for the return of the team to Donetsk. I very much want Shakhtar to return to their home ground and please the fans with their performance. That’s the most important thing! And, of course, I wish Shakhtar every success in all the competitions they take part in.