Vasyl Sachko: It was important to show character

Post-match press conference by Poltava coach.

- The encounter Shakhtar vs Vorskla, unfortunately, ended up back in Poltava. You know, sadly for us, we lost there. Today it was important to prove ourselves, to show character. We tasked the guys with achieving only a positive result. Alas, we also approached the game having problems: while Shakhtar had the internationals missing, we had Gromov and Barannik injured, with Bartulovic not feeling very well. Nevertheless, the quality of the game, the commitment and Vorskla’s will to win satisfied me today. For us this is a very important victory, given that Shakhtar are stronger and that they go further in the cup competition. This victory will give us faith in ourselves and I believe that it will be to the team’s advantage. We wish Shakhtar every success and good luck in the Europa League! They rank among the strongest teams of the continent, having good players and coach.