Marlos: The week will be very important for us

Shakhtar’s number 11 shared his take on the upcoming match against Kharkiv.

- Marlos, you used to play for Metalist... Although, of course, not for the current team. Do the current team retain the spirit of the old Metalist?
- That’s a very good club featuring competent players. I have always respected and will respect Metalist! The club has also done a lot for me. Previously, they had the same idea as that of Shakhtar - to bring together foreign players and form the skilled, partially Brazilian team. I think they are also strong at the moment. The players give their all. Therefore, the upcoming match will be interesting.

- Was it difficult to play the Cup game without the lads who had gone on international duty?
- Those players are quite skilled. They are one hundred percent familiar with Shakhtar’s performance. They were replaced by the young guys, who might not have such experience or haven’t played for some time. It was not easy, but I believe they managed to prove themselves and display a great performance.

- At the moment, Shakhtar get accustomed to playing two games a week. Ais there room for complacency before the meeting with Metalist in view of the upcoming match against Braga?
- We are preparing in exactly the same way both for Metalist and Braga. In each training, we try  to bring something new in order to diversify our game. This week will be very important for us, because we are facing two crucial games.

- The majority of Ukrainians don’t quite know the current Metalist. Could you name at least three players of the Kharkiv side?
- Again, this club is important to me. That's why I try to watch Metalist games, being a subscriber to their Facebook account. I can’t tell you the names, because I just cannot pronounce them! But I know who play there, I know those guys.