Half an hour to walk around

Saturday, November 19, 2016



On the Shakhtar vs Karpaty matchday morning, the Pitmen went out for a traditional walk around the city

At the hotel entrance, a large group of fans was meeting the players. Despite the sunny weather, it has been pretty cold in Kharkiv today. The thermometer registered just one degree above zero. You can see the walking highlights in our photo spread.

After a short promenade, Shakhtar have returned to the hotel. Dinner, some rest and departure to the match venue come next on their schedule.

The Donetsk side will take the field wearing their orange-and-black home outfits, with the Lviv team to be dressed in green. The referee Serhii Boiko will sound the opening whistle at 5 pm, The game will be televised live on Futbol 2 channel, with the live stream also available at shakhtar.com.

You can purchase the tickets online, at the ticket office of OSC Metalist, as well as at retail outlets of the city.