Borys Rassikhin marks his birthday

Thursday, April 27, 2017



Today, April 27, Borys Rassikhin, who had been playing for Shakhtar from 1957 to 1962, turns 80 years old

This midfielder made 82 apps for the Donetsk side and lifted the USSR Cup twice. In 1963, Borys Andriiovych moved from Stalino to Lviv, where he has been living to this day.

- Borys Andriiovych, what season do you remember most throughout the spell at Shakhtar?
- Absolutely all of them! My childhood is before my eyes. There were nine of us in the family. At age 19, I was the only one in Moscow who left for Donetsk at the invitation of Vasyl Yermilov, working as Oleksandr Ponomariov’s head coach assistant. Following the training camp in Sochi, he signed for Shakhtar. I remember myself coming to a house near the Krupskaya Library. We had a hostel on the last floor. I remember all our mentors: Sokolov, Morozov, Oshenkov ... Oleh Oleksandrovych had done real wonders with the team. He put things in order and set his sights for rejuvenation, before Shakhtar raised the USSR Cup two times.

- Was he the best coach, which you had ever had? Definitely. He had an outstanding approach to work. Although this is not the main indicator, but Oshenkov used to be jogging with us himself. Despite a dry hot wind on a scorcher at Kirsha training facility, once he offered a cross-country race, with him running ahead of the group – be dead sure! Oshenkov worked individually a lot and cleverly selected players in terms of lines and links. Under his management, we started to play in a 4-3-3 formation for the first time. I operated dropping back: I often moved back to help defenders and supported the attacking line.

- How did you leave for Lviv in 1963?
- My wife and I had a daughter who was already growing up. In that year, they established Karpaty. Oleh Zhukov took over the team and offered me to move there. I asked Oshenkov, who did not really want to let me go. Back at that time, the problems with my knee began to show, with me having two meniscus cut out in Lviv later. I played a little for Karpaty. But if I spent my youth in Donetsk, then I have given my entire life to Lviv. I worked in the capacity of a head coach and assistant. In 1989, after Karpaty's rebirth, I worked as a head coach together with the team's chief Ihor Kulchitskyi.

- 10 years ago, before the match Karpaty vs Shakhtar, Mircea Lucescu gifted you the Pitmen’s number 70 shirt for your birthday...
- Right, I keep this shirt and the crystal cup with the ball in my house. In response, I presented them a pennant then. I really want to come to Donetsk someday and see my teammates who are still alive. I will try my hardest to keep healthy to visit Donbas!

FC Shakhtar, staff and the Orange-and-Blacks faithful wish Borys Rassikhin good health, prosperity, good and happiness. Happy anniversary!