Kryvtsov: I'm proud to play at Shakhtar

Thursday, April 27, 2017



After signing a new deal, the Shakhtar defender answered questions from

- Sergii, you are staying with the team for another four years. What do you feel now?
- I am delighted to have been offered a new contract. In the nearest four seasons, I hope to be useful to the Pitmen and help them claim more trophies. I am really proud to play for Shakhtar. I've been staying at the club for seven years now and I want to say that I feel comfortable here. I have excellent relationships with my teammates, coaches and all staff. In a word, I'm happy that my story at Shakhtar continues.

- What’s your most vivid experience over the previous seven seasons?
- My first year at Shakhtar. We delivered a golden double back then: won the Ukrainian League and Cup. Of course, when playing for Metalurh Zaporizhya, I couldn’t even dream of such triumphs. When I joined the new team, I immediately understood: Shakhtar is the club that competes for trophies in every tournament it takes part in. Therefore, I’ll never forget my first season here.

- You’ve scored 8 goals for the Donetsk team. Could you name the most memorable of them?
- This was my first goal at the Donbass Arena. It was April 2013, we were playing Zorya and could not score against them for a long while. I then headed it home in the 81st minute, with Mkhitaryan and Adriano making it a major win. By the way, my relatives were present at that match, so it was doubly pleasant. In general, at the Donbass Arena, each encounter was more like a performance – with crowded stands and the unforgettable atmosphere. Now, because of the current situation, fewer people attend football games. But we still try to please our fans with spectacular performance and victories.