Pyatov: Fonseca demands commitment and concentration in training

Friday, January 20, 2017



Shakhtar keeper tells of benefits of hard work at the training camp, two-hour sessions and Paulo Fonseca's demands

– Andriy, share your experiences from the opening stage of the mid-season preparation.
– It is no secret that at the opening stage of the training camp, we lay groundwork for physical fitness. Intense workloads, fitness and running exercises – all of it is included in our training programme. However, we realize that the work we are doing will bear fruit and be seen in the coming months. Therefore, we should get prepared well to stock up enough stamina for the rest of the season.

– Does goalkeeping coach Antonio Ferreira introduce new routines into the training sessions or do you know all the elements quite well?
– We well know a greater part of routines; however, Antonio always tries his hardest to vary them somehow. He puts emphasis on playing moments. That means that all what is required for playing football we drill during training sessions. That is my second training camp with Paulo Fonseca’s coaching staff, and I can already see the style of his own: total commitment in training, ultimate concentration while performing playing exercises. That is crucial for him.

– Another special feature is that the team have been working with the ball a lot.
– Every coach has his own approach. If you ask me, I enjoy training under Fonseca’s guidance a lot. Right, sessions last for two hours; however, they are exciting other than boring. They comprise many playing exercises and various tasks. Therefore, believe me, the lads are enjoying.