The team are at good level

Saturday, April 13, 2019



Shakhtar manager Paulo Fonseca speaks about the game against Zorya, Tete's debut, the performance of Solomon and Kayode, and about a gift for the opponent

- Good evening. Excellent result in the important match we had to win. It’s always very difficult against Zorya, but we started well, scored the opener and played safely in defensive terms. The start of the second half was also excellent: after a beautiful move, we netted the second goal. Then, we thought through the game in the right way, operated successfully, launched a few counterattacks and scored the third one. I should remind you that most of the players recently had a very intense clash with extra time, so some guys got tired. And at the same time, the victory is clear and extremely important for us.
- Kryvtsov left the field early. How is he?
- Sergii felt unwell. Already at half-time, he didn’t feel very well, and in the second half, we decided to replace him. However, this is a matter of short period: I am sure Kryvtsov will recover quickly.
- Today, you fielded the players who don’t play that often. Who of them could you highlight?
- I think everyone proved himself. For Tete, this is a debut, Solomon has appeared in the starting XI for the second time, Kayode hasn’t played for a long time - they all delivered a great match. Of course, they still need a lot of time to step it up. This is a normal process of evolution in football, and in particular for us - I have no doubt that the guys will pass it. I really liked their performance. The team performed at a good level.
- It is rumoured that after the games, you give a bottle of port wine to the coaches of other clubs. Is it true?
- Yes, but only sometimes.
- Did Vernydub get a present today?
- Not yet, but he will. I’ve brought a bottle.
- At the end of the match, Stepanenko and Khocholava did not feel well ...
- In the course of the game, the ball hit Taras in the face, perhaps he got a little dizzy. David also had a play situation. It's okay, no problem with them.
- Have you already thought about the players to be fielded in the cup encounter with Dnipro-1? Will there be many young players?
- I haven't thought about that yet. Today, I will begin to study the opponents. The Cup semi-final is very important for us, and we will try to field the best line-up. Maybe a few guys got tired after the previous matches, but in no case will we give up our goal of advancing further. We shouldn’t forget that Dnipro are strong. We will approach this meeting as a final.