We’ll rest and then work on

Thursday, July 11, 2019



Shakhtar defender Mykola Matviienko summed up the fight with APOEL

- Did the first defeat deeply upset you?
- It didn’t. But we wanted to win. We encountered great opponents. But the task was different: to get prepared at the training camp, to understand our strategy, the way we will move during the season.
- Five games in 10 days, training workload - did that affect the result?
- I guess this influenced it as well ... But APOEL are also getting ready, probably under the same workload, so we all compete on a level playing field.
- How fit is the team?
- Generally speaking, not fully yet. Gradually, we rediscover our best form.
- Shakhtar are going back to Kyiv, where before July 28 there might also be some friendlies ...
- Right, we’ve still got some time. I know that several friendly games have been scheduled. Through them we will get into shape and, hopefully, will be ready for one hundred percent.
- Are you missing Kyiv, your family, your wife?
- Of course I do, a lot! We’ll have a couple of days off. We’ll rest and then work on.