My idol is Pele!

Thursday, March 14, 2019



Shakhtar newcomer, the Brazilian midfielder Tete, answered the reporters’ questions during the presentation

- Did you have any suggestions or interest from other clubs?
- Yes, I had some. But Shakhtar is a great club with excellent players, so I relied just on it and am very happy to be here!

- What does a young footballer worth 15 million euros feel?
- I continue working and don’t look at that. Of course, I am very glad that there’s that kind of transfer fee, but it needs to be proved on the pitch.

- At the farewell press conference at Gremio, you regretted that you didn’t manage to debut for the senior team. Why do you think you didn’t get that chance, despite the fact that you’re not only the best player of the club academy but also, perhaps, the best in this role in Brazil?
- As I said in my previous interviews, I can’t explain why that happened. Now, I am at Shakhtar and I will try to show my best qualities, claiming titles and trophies with my new team.

- What advice did Douglas Costa give you about moving to Shakhtar?
- We had a word, and he advised to take this chance and become the national team player. He said that this is a great opportunity for me.

- What do you know about Shakhtar’s history and can you remember the team’s first game that you saw on TV?
- I watched the UEFA Cup final against Werder Bremen, Shakhtar won back then. This event is in the club history forever.

- You're from Gremio who raised Ronaldinho. What does this mean to you and who’s your football idol?
- Right, indeed, Ronaldinho Gaucho played there. And Douglas Costa. My idol is Pele! He always inspired me on and off the pitch. From modern players in my role, I can highlight Cristiano Ronaldo.

- What is your hobby besides football?
- In my free time, I just love to stay with my family. And also, video games - it's easier now because there are many Brazilians here, and that’s the way we have fun.

- How did your relatives react to your move to Ukraine?
- At first, they were a bit scared, because they didn’t know at all where the country was and where to go. Now, we have moved here and feel great. I said back then that everything would be fine, and this is true. I knew that Ukraine is a good country, and now I understand that it’s even better.

- What teammates do you communicate with the most?
- With absolutely all players. The team gave me a really great and warm welcome, which is very nice.