Come On, Let’s Play! New grounds in Kharkiv

Tuesday, November 12, 2019



On November 10, they opened two new grounds of the Come On, Let’s Play children’s grassroots football social project in Kharkiv!

One of the new grounds is located at the Kharkiv Lyceum No. 149 (67A Peremohy Avenue). Here, they started training 80 boys and girls aged 7 to 12.
On the morning of the crucial Ukrainian League game vs Dynamo, the Shakhtar coaches Joao Brandao, Filipe Celikkaya, and Antonio Ferreira arrived to visit the children. They took part in the training session and gave the kids some tips on how to properly perform the exercises. And the goalkeeping coach Ferreira took a place between the sticks and tried to parry away a number of shots.
Shakhtar Social Director Inna Khmyzova:
“The Come On, Let’s Play! is a social project in which children have the opportunity to play football for free with good coaches and all the necessary equipment. Our grounds operate in 33 locations. Over 4,500 children have been participating in the project throughout Ukraine. It’s important for us to develop the Come On, Let’s Play! project in Kharkiv, because here the club holds its home games, and our fans are here. We know that children always look forward to the visits of Shakhtar players and coaches - this is an additional bonus for them. And for us the main thing is that the kids have fun in training.”
Another ground in Kharkiv was opened at the school No.32 (41 Rybalko St). In total, there are three Come On, Let’s Play! locations in the city now. To sign up and start training within the project, just send your application to
It’s always important for us to conduct social events and work with children. They are our continuation, our future
Shakhtar assistant manager Joao Brandao:
“We got many positive emotions from it! Before important matches, this gives us some extra strength. It’s always important for us to conduct social events and work with children. They are our continuation, our future. I myself am the father of two children, and I know perfectly well that this is a special day for the kids - on this day, they can be close to their favourite club. We are very proud to represent Shakhtar here. At such moments, we realize how big this club is. We actually work for a good reason and are always available for such initiatives.”
“I liked it all very much! It was interesting for me to play football with Shakhtar coaches,” Oleksandr Grinvald, one of the young participants in the Come On, Let’s Play! shared his impressions. “I support Shakhtar. I’ve been playing football for two years now. I particularly like to shoot on target and to provide assists.”
After the training session, the coaches signed autographs and had photos with the children taken.