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Saturday, November 2, 2019



Inclusive training sessions for children with disabilities kicked off in Lviv

The sessions are implemented in partnership with Shakhtar Social and Parimatch Foundation who have joined forces as part of their projects of Come On, Let’s Play! and Yes, I Can!.
Vitao and kids
In early October, Serhii Bolbat and Mykola Matviienko opened training sessions for mentally retarded children and kids with disabilities in Kyiv, and on November 2 in Lviv, on the day of the Ukrainian League game vs Karpaty, Shakhtar defender Vitao came to visit the children. The event was held in the gymnasium of the school No. 95.
Vitao, FC Shakhtar defender: “It’s always important to hold such meetings. I was delighted to play with the kids, to teach them how to do certain things, to show them something new and give them joy. I’m really happy with that!"
The Brazilian took part in the training session and showed several football techniques, had pictures with the children taken and, together with the representative of Parimatch Foundation, handed gifts to the kids.
Inna Khmyzova, Shakhtar Social director:

“Shakhtar Social and Parimatch Foundation have the same vision of the future. We create the conditions so that children, regardless of their physical and mental abilities, could play football. With coaches, the necessary equipment and gear and, most importantly, free of charge.”
Vadym Misyura, representative of the Parimatch Foundation in Ukraine:
“For the Parimatch Foundation sports development for kids with disabilities is the most important area of activity. And we are pleased to continue this training undertaking in Lviv today as part of our Yes, I Can! campaign. I am sure that inclusive training sessions will help us socialize the children.”
Training sessions for 120 kids take place in Kyiv, Kharkiv, Lviv, and Poltava. Those wishing to play football in inclusive groups can contact Shakhtar Social at