Support the team right in the dressing room!

Thursday, October 10, 2019



This is a unique opportunity for Shakhtar fans to psych up the team for the crucial match vs Dinamo Zagreb

You can send your message of support to the players of your favourite team on Instagram.
The dressing room is a place for getting fully focussed and receiving the final instructions, with no access to fans. Now, you can address the players right before their home Champions League fixture in Kharkiv!
To become part of this flashmob and to address the players with an important message:

- take a screenshot of the above-mentioned story and post it in our profile;
- place your wish in the screenshot and tag our page;
- post this story in your profile.
We will put all your wishes on a special board and place it in the Shakhtar dressing room before the match vs Dinamo Zagreb. This way, every footballer can see your support messages. 
Your cheering is the source of our victories!