Come On, Let’s Play! coach training

Tuesday, October 8, 2019



Shakhtar Social conducted a three-day training course for coaches of the Come On, Let’s Play! project at the DTEK Academy

The event was conducted jointly with the United Nations Population Fund in Ukraine (UNFPA) with the support of DTEK and UK AID. 50 Shakhtar Social coaches from 30 locations in Ukraine took part in it.

Three-day course

On October 4, the director of FC Shakhtar Academy Jorge Raffo spoke to the children's coaches and told them about the importance of grassroots football as the basis of professional football. On the second day, they held a Come On, Let’s Play! methodology training, during which the participants talked about its values and objectives, learnt about innovations in the sporting part of the project, and paid special attention to ground safety the rules for communicating with children.

On the final day, October 6th, UNFPA introduced the Shakhtar Social coaches to the Training Boys to Be Men programme. The key topics of the presentation were the tools to prevent violence and aggression among players, the principles of tolerant and respectful attitude to the opposite sex, teammates, and other social groups.

The training course provided coaches from different spots of the country with the opportunity to meet, get to know and chat with one another, as well as to hold friendly matches at the FC Shakhtar Academy in Shchaslyve.