Kholod and Totovytskyi

Wednesday, October 9, 2019



On October 9, Shakhtar hosted the First League leaders Obolon-Brovar in a friendly on a pitch of the Sviatoshyn suburban complex

Luis Castro gave an opportunity to prove themselves to most of the players in reserve. An experimental pairing Butko - Vitao operated at centre-back, Marquinhos Cipriano played at left-back, and Andriy Boryachuk spearheaded attacks. Also, the U21 players Klym Prykhodko, Artem Kholod, and Artem Bondarenko appeared in the starting XI.

Mate vs his home club

The match began with a light warm-up of the goalkeepers - Cipriano disturbed Borovyk, while Batalsky checked Shevchenko’s reflexes. In one of the game situations, Boriachuk put Tete through on goal with a great splitting pass between the defender only to see the latter’s attempt being stopped. Often, the Shakhtar Academy graduate Mate got into the spotlight, while performing his defensive and offense-supporting duties. But in the 22nd minute, neither he nor the goalkeeper could rescue Obolon-Brovar from conceding a goal. Kholod was left unmarked and completed the attack involving Tete, Dentinho, and Cipriano, making it 1-0. Then, Mate blocked Boriachuk's attempt, Dentinho missed the target, and Borovyk stopped the bouncing ball after Tete’s attempt.

Totovytskyi's return

Luis Castro included four players in the reserve – all of them got some playing time in the second half. The first to be fielded in the 57th minute was Andriy Totovytskyi who is recovering from injury, with Nazarii Muravskyi, Yevhen Hrytsenko, and Vladyslav Kobylianskyi appearing later. One more Shakhtar Academy alumnus Mykyta Bezuhlyi played for the nominal visitors. A blistering counterattack launched by the Miners in their penalty area might have been effective - it involved Boriachuk and Kholod - but Artem tried to lob it over Borovyk too early. Butko created a few scoring opportunities with his well-targeted crosses only to see Boriachuk hit the post and Tete miss a volley. And in the 82nd minute, Totovytskyi marked his return to the pitch – he flicked home Butko’s cross after making it past a defender.
2-0 - Shakhtar defeated Obolon-Brovar in a friendly and got three days off. On Sunday, the team will be back training to start preparing for the responsible games vs Kolos (18 October) and vs Dinamo Zagreb (22 October). Both game will be held at OSK Metalist in Kharkiv - tickets are available at the stadium ticket office and online.

Shakhtar Donetsk 2-0 (1-0) Obolon-Brovar Kyiv

1-0 Kholod (22’), 2-0 Totovytskyi (82’)

Shakhtar: Shevchenko (Hrytsenko, 72’), Dodo (Muravskyi, 68’), Butko (c), Vitao, Cipriano, Prykhodko, Bondarenko, Tete, Dentinho, Kholod (Totovytskyi, 57’), Boriachuk (Kobylianskyi, 80’)

Further details are available in the match centre.