That’s Clasico!

Thursday, July 2, 2020



Shakhtar midfielder Marcos Antonio told us about the team’s preparation for this Saturday's match vs Dynamo

- Marcos, Shakhtar appear for each game as the champions already. Have you got any motivation issues?
- No, we haven’t. Even being the champions, we should play equally well. We’ve got a compromise. We approach each game just hoping to win it.

- What is the upcoming meeting with Dynamo for the team - is it a real Clasico or more of a training game?
- Not a training game at all. The games against Dynamo are really tough, that's the Clasico! We approach it seriously and will try to win it.
- In June, you played three full games and was among the Footballer of the Month nominees. Is your current form optimum?
- I work hard to step it up day after day. It's great that I can benefit the team and I'm happy. I try really hard.
- Dynamo, Zorya and Desna have been competing for the second spot. Do you have a liking for any of those sides?
- To be honest, I don’t know, because it doesn’t really affect us. The most important thing is our compromise on the field. We think only about ourselves, about Shakhtar.

- It’s very hot now, they usually don’t play in Ukraine at this time. But for the Brazilians such conditions might be familiar and comfortable?
- Yes, a very good climate. I like the heat. We feel great, no problem.