We will be super-motivated

Thursday, July 2, 2020



Midfielder Serhii Bolbat speaks about the upcoming Clasico vs Dynamo

- Serhii, the competitive standing doesn’t currently press on Shakhtar, unlike Dynamo. How can this affect the upcoming meeting?

- In no way at all. We will be super-motivated. The match against Dynamo is a key derby, because they are our most important opponents. Shakhtar will play only to win.


- What are the team’s goals for the final part of the season? Where are you looking for motivation?

- Recently, they have asked me about motivation quite often. But we represent the club in which such questions do not make any sense. Yes, we completed the task, but this doesn’t relieve us of responsibility for the result in each match. We always take the field to win and get three points. The image of the club, our philosophy is a strong motivation. We’re getting ready for a really difficult match.


- Shakhtar have already set one record. The team have never become the champions so early before the season end. Do you have a goal of keeping a record lead on points over the competitors?

- It would be interesting to go down in history. But Im convinced that none of the players looks at how big the gap is. We are the champions, and therefore we must win the remaining matches as well.


- You have already pointed out that the major plot of the season is the second-spot race between Dynamo, Zorya and Desna. And who are your favourites in the race?

- I don’t want to single out any one club. Now is the time for decisive games, and it will be very interesting for the fans to watch this rivalry. Meanwhile, we look at our team and get ready for the game vs our opponents.


- After a month of training and matches, can we say that Shakhtar have gained the form they were in before the break?

- In my opinion, the very first games after quarantine showed that we have been in good shape. Our great fitness is also evidenced by the data collected by the coaching staff: the number of kilometres they run during the match and so on. Shakhtar did not experience any problems in terms of the players’ form, as proven by the fact that we fulfilled the objective early and became the champions.