We relished the game!

Saturday, July 4, 2020



Shakhtar midfielder Yevhen Konoplyanka shared his impression of the 3-2 victory over Dynamo

- How difficult was today’s game and how much did you want to score in this match?
- I always want to score goals: both in training and in games. But, primarily, it’s nice to leave the field as the winners. This is especially important in the encounters with the Kyiv-based Dynamo. Although the Championship outcome has already been decided, we still didn’t want to lose in this derby. We were focused on keeping the ball, because in such hot weather it’s hard to run without it. Plus we tried to have fun, to relish the game!

- Is it better when there’s no competitive pressure any more?
- Yes, you just play like in training. Of course, the footballers who usually have less match time find motivation, always wanting to prove their right for a place in the squad. Today, those who did not get enough game practice, just gave their all.

- Do you remember the last time you scored against Dynamo?
- If you ask me how many goals I scored in my career, I won’t answer it. I don’t know that and I don’t count my goals at all. I won’t even say how many appearances I made for the national team, honestly. But when I finish my career, I'll sit down and get it sorted.