Be patient

Monday, March 30, 2020



Shakhtar midfielder Serhii Bolbat told us about spending his time during quarantine

- Serhii, a fortnight of quarantine is over now. What have you been doing?
- Right, in general, I’ve been busy doing the same things as the most people who found themselves in a similar situation: I stay at home, read books, watch movies. I’ve got some precious time now for spending time with my family. I was really missing this, therefore the quarantine has its advantages. Speaking generally about the pandemic, the situation is absolutely tough. I want it all to be over as soon as possible, and I want people to get back to their usual lifestyles. When they heard the first pieces of news from China about the coronavirus, few people could believe that everything would turn out like that. We recognize the gravity of the problem.
- How to keep muscles in good shape in such conditions?
- I train at home, I carry out the programme that the coaches send us, my wife keeps me company. Shakhtar, as always, have reacted in this situation to the highest standards: they’ve prepared a training plan for us, gave us recommendations on nutrition, and every day the medical staff collects data on the condition of the players and their families. We work as hard as the conditions allow us to do that.

- The main thing is to take care of your health. How do your family members boost immunity?
- All we can do is adhering to the recommendations of the World Health Organization, eating properly, having a lot of vegetables and fruit, doing sports and, most importantly, staying at home.

- What would you like to tell the fans in this difficult time?
- I urge everyone not to go out if it’s not necessary. People, be patient and responsible, follow the recommendations of the WHO. We all are one team now. When this is over, we’ll surely see you at the stadium and delight you with great victories.