We’ll keep going forward

Saturday, November 21, 2020



In an interview to shakhtar.com, Shakhtar winger Manor Solomon told about tying with Oleksandriia, changing positions and the upcoming UCL game

- We want just to win. I scored a goal for the national team, Im happy to represent my country, help the team and I returned to Shakhtar with exactly the same desire, however, unfortunately, I didn’t succeed today. In general, it turned out to be a very difficult match, also because we, in fact, lost Moraes at the beginning. This made the play even harder. We lost two points, but we’ll keep going forward.


- You’ve played today both on the left and on the right. In what role do you feel better?

- I can operate on both flanks - on the left and on the right, and in the national team I played as number ten. If I have to choose just one thing, then my preferred role is left winger.


- Was the sending-off key in the match?

- Maybe, but anyway, even after that sending-off, we managed to score. We were 1-0 up and shouldve won it. However, we gave one away, and we must blame ourselves for that. We needed a victory, but we failed to achieve it. Sending off Moraes is no excuse. We should fix that in our next games.


- On Wednesday you will meet with Gladbach in Germany. What's most important: concentration, error analysis, anything else? What do Shakhtar need to do to achieve the result?

- We’ve got to play a little differently. We played badly in Kyiv. It’s important to correct the mistakes that we made back then. We will fly to Germany with one goal - to win it. Well, it won’t be easy, Monchengladbach showed that they are a very good team, but we will do our best to take away the three points that are important for us.