We lost in 20 minutes

Saturday, October 17, 2020



Press conference of Giorgi Tsetsadze after the Shakhtar 5-1 Lviv game

- We lost the match in the opening 20 minutes - this is my short comment. We didn’t succeed in attack, we couldn’t score goals, so we’ve got the result based on the play.


- Why did you decide to press high in the clash with the best UPL team for ball control?

- Because this is our strategy, we play like that against all opponents. We just made some childish mistakes in the first half. Of course, this is also due to the fact that Shakhtar have very experienced players. Hence four goals conceded in 20 minutes. I think they would still be able to score if we had dropped deep. But according to my strategy its better to defend far from your goal. Unfortunately, it didn't work against Shakhtar.


- Why didn't the newcomer Ernest play today? Is it true that he tested positive for coronavirus?

- He felt unwell, he is not in shape now. That’s it.