We won confidently

Saturday, October 17, 2020



Shakhtar defender David Khocholava shared his take on the 5-1 win at Lviv in his interview to Futbol TV channel

- It was the most important and difficult game this season because so many people, players and staff were missing that it was difficult to prepare for the match. But the team who have appeared on the pitch today displayed some great football, showed character and won confidently.


- Was pressing the opponents from the off and securing a result your game plan?

- Yes, right, that was the plan. We wanted to score straight away not to worry that the match might develop differently. The main objective was scoring an early one. And we managed to do that several times.


- Probably, it's a pity that you conceded one straight away?

- I reckon that’s the only negative thing. Of course I, as a defender, and generally all defenders always want to have a clean sheet.


- You talked a lot with Lviv’s coach Tsetsadze, and it was clear that you have a special relationship ...

- Yes, I have a very good relationship with him: I know him since I was a boy, he used to be my coach. It was a warm meeting, and I was very glad to see him.


- You are facing the match against Real Madrid. Is there a chance that a few more players will return before this game?

- This question should be addressed to the medical department, but we all hope that our leaders will return. Because it will be difficult anyway, without them it will be even harder, we’ll have more chances if the leaders return.