Shakhtar occupy their rightful place in Europe

Monday, October 26, 2020



Inter manager Antonio Conte spoke about the upcoming meeting with Shakhtar at the NSC Olimpiyskiy

- Can we say that Lukaku is on a par with the leading European strikers like Kane and Lewandowski? Does this mean that over time, Inter may turn into a team dependent on one footballer?

- Lukaku is a top-level footballer. And Lautaro too. One is 27 years old, the other is 23. I think they can improve in the future, although they are important now. They have room for growth. Its important for any player that their team win competitions. If the club succeeds, it makes the player important and allows him to be considered a top-tier player.


- Inter met with Shakhtar in August, with different players and formation present then, but now the situation has changed. Is this good or bad?

- In August, we turned in a nearly perfect performance which will not be easy to repeat. We know Shakhtar as a very strong team. Its no coincidence that they scored three goals against Real Madrid. Weve prepared well for the game and I hope well be able to show everything on the field.


- Is Inter's play close to European standards? Will the match against Shakhtar be decisive for the distribution of spots in the table?

- Inter already occupy a worthy place in European football, compared to last year weve become much more experienced. We need to go in the same direction, never stop improving and move only forward. Sometimes it turns out better, sometimes not quite, but it’s crucial not to stop. We respect all of our opponents, but we must focus on ourselves and our capabilities. The worst attribute on the football field is inactivity. I’m always dissatisfied if players are passive defensively or offensively. And when the team operate outstandingly, actively, showcasing our set-pieces on the pitch, on the contrary, I’m always really happy.


- Antonio, how many Shakhtar games have you watched while preparing besides the one against Real? Who were they against and what new stuff did you see in the opponents’ play?

- We watched a few Ukrainian League games, including their last one this weekend. We know that Shakhtar occupy their rightful place in European football. We note among the strongest sides of the club that they constantly find some strong players. At the moment, this is already a trend because at one time Shakhtar found Fernandinho, Willian, Mkhitaryan, Srna ... And today’s team also have a lot of individually strong players. We respect the opponents, but at the same time well try to showcase our best attributes.