Invaluable experience

Friday, October 30, 2020



Mariupol head coach Ostap Markevych summed up the match vs Shakhtar

- Today we fielded many young men, but still we are satisfied with the play of the guys who, perhaps, felt some excitement before the match and in its opening stages. Later, especially in the second half, we managed to prove ourselves up to the mark. Although, of course, they understand that they still have room for growth, especially fitness wise. I think they gained some invaluable experience, and it will help them understand the pace and intensity of the Premier League games, especially against the likes of Shakhtar.


- What do you make of the fact that the players on loan can’t be fielded against their club? Should they cancel it?

- Im not ready to answer this question because there are different circumstances and factors that affect it. I am not authorized to make such comments.