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Wednesday, September 16, 2020



Shakhtar midfielder answered questions from fans

The online meeting was held on Shakhtar Club. The Brazilian spoke live exclusively for the subscribers about his home country, the inter-season break, his spot-kicks and much more.


About his adaptation in the team:


“Fernandinho helped me - we were neighbors, we lived nearby. Douglas Costa and Willian were there as well. Brazilians always understand it when you need some support. We do the same towards the young players to make them feel at home.


About Shakhtar in Brazil:


Based on what I see, many Brazilians support Shakhtar - this is the most Brazilian club in Europe! A large number of Brazilian players have passed through Shakhtar. Our compatriots follow the club, and we display some beautiful football, promote our image outside the country and even beyond the continent.


About tactic:


“Luis Castro’s 4-1-4-1 formation gives me more freedom. This increases my chances of scoring and providing assists. When using another tactic, I stand a little further away from the goal, having a more fixed position.


About the most memorable goal:


The third goal in the duel vs Benfica was really significant for the team and for me personally. A very difficult goal to score. But when you score that kind of goal, plus the team really needs it - it becomes the most important one.


About his readiness to stay at Shakhtar:

I'm 29 and I’ve got another couple of years of contract remaining. You never know what will happen in the future, but I love Shakhtar. If I’ve got an opportunity to end my career here, why not? From season to season, I should see what it leads to.


About the things Luis Castro doesn’t accept:


He does not accept any disrespect: not only to one other or to him personally, but also to the club staff and the opponents. I fully agree with him. Having respect for everyone is crucial, this is what we must carry through life.


About penalty takers:


In our daily work we practise spot-kicks: Taison, Moraes, Tete, Marlos … We make the decision before the match, two to three players can take spot-kicks. And during the game we just pick one. The one who is more confident steps up to shoot.


About the Portuguese language:


Stepanenko learns the language and can speak and pronounce some phrases, Solomon understands and speaks it perfectly well. They both understand it well and can say something, while the rest understand it but don’t speak the language. Stepanenko and Solomon are the most capable in this regard.


About national teams:


Yes, I try to watch the games of the national teams. I support the country I play for. I hope that in the Nations League, Ukraine will be able to achieve their goals. The team perform very well, despite the recent tough game. But in general, the guys play well and will be able to make it further.


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